Friends & Family Campfires

camp fireThose cool autumn evenings always stir up memories of campfires. Come share your stories and join us around a camp fire. Perhaps one of the oldest cowboy traditions is the camp fire. Used as a tool for survival on the range, the cowboys would find themselves around a large camp fire every night, enjoying music, songs to a harmonica or guitar and good, 'ol chuck-wagon cookin'.

This was their social time, where they could relax, unwind and discuss the day’s tribulations. The cool evenings under the stars, enjoying good music, good food and good times has been a part of the cowboy way of life, and we want to give you the opportunity to experience that same tradition.  

We offer the availability to throw your own campfire for your group of friends. We have a large area dedicated to hosting campfire group events. Contact us about holding your next party around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and makin' smores!

Cowboy Singing